Injury Prevention for runners

Colette Garvey presented the following slides to the Ballintotis FIT4LIFE group recently.  The following presentation served as a guide to both new runners and established runners to provide some science based advice around injury prevention.

Research reveals that 16-26% of novice runners suffer at least one Running related Injury during an 8-9 week training  period. There appears to be little difference between male and females, and novice runners suffer more Running related injuries than recreational runners

Topics which were covered on the evening by Colette included:

  • Warm up
  • Dynamic movements
  • Foam rolling
  • Cross Training
  • Strength training for runners
  • Injury prevention
  • Running technique

More useful resources for running include:

Tom Goon – Running Physio (

John Foster – Inform Running (

Scroll down to view the slides presented by Colette;

What to do then?

„P.O.L.I.C.E :

  • „Protection
  • „Optimise Loading
  • „Ice
  • „Compression
  • „Elevation


But prevention is better than cure!

Running to avoid injury





Picture Reference: John Foster, INFORM Running


„Pronation vs supination :

pronated v supinated

„Shoe choice

„Do I need orthotics?



„Dynamic movements

„Pre-activation :

salaso 1 salaso 2 Salaso 3 salaso 4 salaso 5



Other forms of endurance exercise


„Strength work

Resistance exercises for runners

Salaso 7Salaso 6


Other useful resources:








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